RPA training classes for Blue Prism certification, Automation Anywhere training, Blue Prism training online and onsite in Toronto, Atlanta, New York, Amsterdam, London and Glasgow.
Learn About RPA.
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Build A Strategy.
Run The Operation.
Train On The Platforms.
Online and in class courses for training in Robotic Process Automation, Blue Prism training, UiPath classes, Automation Anywhere training and Workfusion courses by the RPA Academy
RPA Classes for everyone. ....
For executives wanting to build a strategy....
And anyone wanting to train on the RPA platforms.

Robotic Process Automation takes the human out of transactional, rules-based processes.

Our mission is to prepare the workforce for that journey by making it easy to access RPA training and knowledge in Robotic Process Automation.

Robotic Process Automation training on the actual platforms. On Demand classes for Blue Prism Certification and Automation Anywhere training.
Online learning of Robotic Process Automation software to help minimize workflow and reduce repetitive processes.
RPA Training to become a developer in Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation increases efficiencies, accuracy and effectiveness.

And RPA frees up people to focus on adding real value, leveraging the data that is created.

All organisations will eventually adopt RPA as the first stage on their digital transformation, moving through Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing towards real Artificial Intelligence.

The RPA Academy’s content covers hands-on training on the RPA platforms themselves and training on the business requirements for successful deployment of RPA.

Classes for everyone.
Executives wanting to build a strategy….
Anyone wanting to train on the RPA platforms.

The RPA Academy – Robotic Process Automation Training for Everyone

Instructor Led Learning

Instructor Led Learning

Easy to Follow Online Classes

Expert-led training provides you with guidance through our courses. Step-by-step instruction helps you get certification faster.

Real-Time Learning Environment

Real-Time Learning Environment

Get a real classroom experience

Real-time classroom setting where students can follow the instructor and ask questions when needed.

We deliver this training online and onsite, bringing in experts to share their knowledge and experience with individuals and organisations across the world

Some classes are standalone, 1 hour sessions; others are part time, 2-3 week online courses; and onsite training normally lasts 4-days.

We firmly believe that the next 5-10 years will see radical changes in the workplace.

To be prepared for those changes, both individuals and organisations have to adapt.
The faster we learn how to operate in this emerging digital economy, the better placed we will be in this exciting journey.

Our community is built on delivering great courses, but also in fostering learning as we all travel on this exciting road.

How Does This Work?

  1. These are live, online classes.
  2. Led by experts.
  3. Classes are 1-2 hours long
  4. Typically only 10 participants in each class
  5. So these are really interactive
  6. You get ongoing access to class instructor.
  7. And you get a video of the class to view any time

How RPA Training Works

We have two types of content:

  1. Training on the technology side of RPA.
  2. Training on the business side of RPA

The technology side means the platforms. Hands on training to understand how to implement and operate RPA platforms. It covers the basic introduction, through to advanced training.

While we can’t give you the actual experience, we can give you strong theory and real-world practical examples to work through.

We work directly with the RPA platform providers to make sure the content is in line with their requirements. And then we add more tests and challenges and support to help you understand how RPA works in the real world.

This all leads towards RPA certification since the RPA platforms run on our own portals.

Not 100% Happy?
We give you 100% refund.
No questions asked.

Robotic Process Automation For Business

The business side is how you successfully adopt RPA from building your strategy, creating the business case, building a centre of excellence, and addressing the change management issues. It also covers what RPA means for the sectors/verticals (Insurance, Banking, Retail, Pharmaceuticals etc.) and the horizontals (HR, IT, F&A, Customer Support etc.)

Online or onsite, the training is always live and very interactive.

We record all online training, so you get a copy of the class. So if you miss a class or you want to revise a topic, you will have access to a recording of that exact class.

All of the joining instructions, login in details, daily course content, and the class videos are posted to the course page. You will have access to these when you sign up.

And all of our courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If the course is not what you are looking for we will refund your fees in the first 7 days.

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