Back in 2017

We launched our training as The RPA Academy in early 2017.

Since then we have trained over 2000 people online and onsite across the globe.

These are individuals looking to expand their  career. And are organisations, looking to up-skill their teams.

The world was evolving fast (and so were we)

All the platforms are evolving. So too was the ecosystem around the platforms.

But people were only doing the basic training, but not the advanced topics. And certainly not learning about the ecosystem.

Our view is that, only once you understand how to really use RPA will you be able to maximise your ROI - now and way into the future.

What we were really doing…

In early 2019 we realised that we were doing way more than training. We were delivering what we call “Knowledge As A Service”.

We give you the knowledge you need, when you need it.

No longer are you forced to do a full course, when you only want a couple of modules.

And behind all of this is Support.

So now we teach you what can be done with RPA.

We show you how to do it.

And we are there to help you when you face issues.

That is “Knowledge As A Service”.

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