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  • Blue Prism (including platform access)

  • UiPath

  • Automation Anywhere

  • And Business/Analyst training

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  • Then join 100+ hours of live training each month

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Here’s what we’ve learned since 2017....

  1. Online training is normally on-demand, self-paced

  2. You don’t have access to experts - to really help you

  3. And you have to buy a full course, when you may only want a specific topic.

  4. So they only do the basic training

  5. And it is expensive

  6. You have to choose one platform

  7. And you have to choose between technical training or business/analyst training


We have a global RPA community of over 7000 people

See What They Say About Their Experience

“I had the chance to work with The RPA Academy. They have great software simulators and videos that make very easy to understand the concepts. I earned my first RPA certification on Blue Prism thanks to them.”
— Sergio Mastrogiovanni, Pfizer
“The RPA Academy provides an immersive learning environment with instructor-lead classes teaching concepts and skills as well as providing thorough exercises through which to hone those skills through hands-on experience. Overall, a comprehensive approach to learning RPA skills.”
— Simon Pfister, Accenture
“I am sure I will use The RPA Academy again as I continue my RPA training, and I would highly recommend The RPA Academy to anyone interested in learning about RPA.”
— Gurdav Singh, London

And have a look at the feedback from our onsite training.

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  • Training on all the platforms and Business/Analyst training

  • It includes Blue Prism (with platform access), UiPath and Automation Anywhere

  • It covers all levels of training - from entry level to advanced topics

  • You can do all the training, or just the areas you want

  • Then you join 100+ hours of live, expert-led online training                         

  • The classes are live, but you can access the recordings if you miss one.

  • You can get started immediately, with 60+ of hours of on-demand training 

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