Announcing our Accreditation with Blue Prism

The RPA Academy is an authorized training partner with Blue Prism Group. We are tested and accredited with Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation softwareFormal Announcement:
We are now an Authorized Training Partner with Blue Prism

It’s taken 12 months…

We got word last week that we’ve been selected as an Authorized Training Partner with Blue Prism.

Now we can push ahead with our online Blue Prism training, our plans to open up in New York and Bangalore, and take our RPA training on tour to select cities around the world.

It has certainly been a long journey, taking exactly 12 months to go through the accreditation process.

Huge Thanks to Everyone at Blue Prism Group.

There will be a formal announcement in the coming days, but I wanted to thank a few people, in particular Mallikarjun Rao, Joshua Ali, Ariel Cherie, Adam Fyfe, and Dave Kaufman for sticking with us.

I’d especially like to thank Arjun Raj who has driven so much of our Blue Prism journey. As well as his great experience and technical perspective, he has also kept us focused (and sane) along the way.

The Market Today

While we’ve been going through this process, we’ve seen:

  1. the market size doubling,
  2. the number of jobs doubling,
  3. salaries rise as scarcity kicks in
  4. and the RPA technologies take further strides forward. [Not to mention the Blue Prism stock price trebling.]

And this is still the beginning.

Remember 99% of organizations have NOT even started to use RPA yet.

Here’s to the journey ahead!



Blue Prism Dates – Online and Onsite

We’re kicking off our Online Blue Prism training later this month.

Then we’ll be going on the road, with monthly courses in New York and quarterly around other major cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. (More details to follow in the next week).

Online Training – Details here

Onsite Training – Details here and here