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Are We Being Unethical?

Gradually we are building a community around RPA. Training, traditionally, has been “learn to earn”. Buy a course and move on. But at the heart of any community is survival and advancement. Inevitably that boils down to money. Now and for the future. Pick up a new skill. Keep yourself relevant. Stay with or ahead […]

Is your HR leadership driving your RPA strategy?

Should Your HR Department be in Charge of Your RPA Strategy? Is this list complete? Feel free to add to it. Here’s my take on the HR/People impact of RPA. Feel free to add to this list in the comments below. It’s not only about RPA. RPA is just the entry-point digital. There is way […]

Is There Really An RPA Skills Shortage?

Is There Really An RPA Skills Shortage? Most blog postings give an opinion. But none of us know everything. Below is what I see. If anyone else has a different perspective I’d love to hear it. Especially from companies that are hiring in the RPA space. Should I change my response? What would you advise?