Automation Anywhere Partnership

Announcing our Automation Anywhere Partnership

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training PartnerIt is exciting to formally announce our partnership with Automation Anywhere.

We can now get you certified on Automation Anywhere, and that opens up huge opportunities.

We’ve been working on this for almost a year now, and we know that nothing comes easy ?

The most common question I get asked – from potential students and big corporates alike – is “which RPA platform do you recommend?”

The answer is always easy – “it really depends”. Actually, I always sidestep this by joking that it is almost like advising a friend who they should marry.

What the market has proven over the last few years is that – as with any almost other industry – there are three leading players.

Clients find clear reasons to pick their preferred RPA platform. Real success depends on factors beyond the choice of platform. The technology will work, but will the organisation be able to adapt to it, on a micro or macro level?

Many larger organisations will use 2, 3 or more RPA platforms, in different functions or divisions, either by design or because big organisations are very complicated and don’t always coordinate. (That’s why we preach so much about the importance of the CoE, but that’s another story).

So, with over 3000 clients globally, and huge growth trajectory, Automation Anywhere is one of the Big 3, and probably the largest by sheer number of clients.

As a career choice there is huge demand for anyone with Automation Anywhere Certification.

For you, our promise is:
To make great Automation Anywhere training available to you online and onsite,
To give you hands-on access to the Automation Anywhere platform.
To give you case studies and tests that will let you practice
To give you support outside of classrooms to quickly help you with any issues
To make the training affordable,
To give you options to spread your course payments over multiple instalments,
To give you support in your career in any way that we can.
Our live, online Automation Anywhere training starts 13th March. And we’ll be offering courses for different timezones, to fit in around your other commitments.