How Automation Anywhere Works

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training PartnerAt the heart of Automation Anywhere is Automation Anywhere Enterprise. This is where bots move from being single instances or small scale deployments to being delivered at scale across the organisation, in any function.

The idea is to be able to take individual bots and small clusters, deploy them and scale them rapidly, and then manage them to ensure ongoing performance and the delivery of measurable results.

On the one level it is designed to be used by any person in the organisation. At the other end it is robust, secure and highly scalable, meeting the standards and requirements of complex organisations who need to dependability, resilience, and compliance. That means you can deploy it internally or run it on the cloud, in line with the organisation’s preferred strategy

Rapid implementation allow for quick wins, especially when using Automation Anywhere in the early phases of RPA adoption.  And this is designed to work in all functions, organisations, sectors, and technology set ups.

Where it really makes sense is when your RPA deployments are managed and controlled centrally. The Control Room function allows you to roll out and monitor performance across the full RPA deployment, enterprise-wide. This visibility of your digital workforce will give you data and analytics to evaluate ROI and business impact.

Automation Anywhere gives a full audit trail of all transactions and compliance verification, enabling operations to verify and manage risks at a transactional and cumulative level.

Automation Anywhere’s IQ Bot starts to layer cognitive technology on top of the robotic process automation. In this way clients can start to interpret unstructured data. It does this in an iterative way, advancing its understanding based on the underlying transactions and the actions of the people operating the processes. This is what takes Automation Anywhere beyond the automation of transactional activities, into machine learning and cognitive computing, and on towards the use of artificial intelligence.

Where IQ Bot and RPA go further is in opening up access to even more of a company’s data and information points. That then enables the organisation to link robotic process automation with powerful artificial intelligence solutions like IBM Watson.