Training in Automation Anywhere

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training PartnerWith the growth of Robotic Process Automation, employers are looking to add RPA-trained resources or give their existing staff RPA training. As one of the market leaders in the RPA space, Automation Anywhere offers great entry-points for anyone who is interested in adding RPA to their skills.

The Automation Anywhere University gives immediate access to online self-paced learning, as well as basic certification.

It covers the core understanding of their platform across 15-18 hours of e-learning. There are no pre-requisites for this.  It starts with a great beginners guide to the theory of business process automation and Robotic Process Automation, RPA tools and technology overview.

Business use cases for RPA and the Evaluation of processes that to which RPA can be applied.

This initial course explains in detail the various features and functionalities of the Automation Anywhere software platform, including Development, Runtime Client, and Web Control Room. It also explains Bots and ways to create Bots using different types of Recorders, Editor, and various Basic / Advanced Commands.

These capabilities are taught through a combination of videos and scenarios that cover automation, best practices, BotInsight, and MetaBots.

Specifically this covers the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform, its Architecture, the core Components, and the basic and advanced commands to build tasks/bots to automate processes. It then moves on to cover the features and functionalities of the Platform in detail, before looking at how RPA can be used in specific industry verticals.

To get real, hands-on platform training, the only option is to work with a partner of Automation Anywhere. Accredited training partners will give you live classes plus ongoing support. In addition, you will get experience of Automation Anywhere in multiple business sectors.

While core training is about becoming a developer, the advanced training makes you job-ready first as an RPA Developer and then as an RPA Architect. This is where you get deep training in live environments – online, onsite at our RPA training locations or onsite at your location – covering technical training and real-life case studies.

These “real-life” case studies are in key business sectors e.g. Banking, Insurance, Medical, etc. and business functions e.g. F&A, HR, IT operations etc.

This means that we can offer training to individuals who are looking to advance their careers and organisations looking to add skills to operational or technical teams.

It is also important to provide support to students as they move from the classroom to the real world workplace. Through access to our trainers and our wider Automation Anywhere community we help with that transition and continue that to provide that support for as long as you need.

We recognise that many students are investing time and money to get their RPA qualifications. We’ll work to support you on that journey, with direct introductions to companies and networks that are recruiting for full time and project-based RPA roles.

It is our goal to transparently show the quality of our training. Each day we ask students to rate the quality of the course and the trainers, and we will make that publicly available. This keeps us on our toes, and helps any visitor see exactly what we are offering and how we are doing it. Later this year, we will also publish our certification pass rates in real time.

Basic – online, self-paced learning. 

Gets you basic certification.

Advanced, real hands-on learning 
At this level you get to Advanced Automation Anywhere Certification, which is the real entry to a career in RPA.

We always encourage RPA developer students to understand the business element of Robotic Process Automation