What is it like out there for RPA training, how much per hour is a RPA developer getting paid?

RPA Jobs and Salary Information – RPA WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE

How Much Money Do RPA Developers Make? As many of you know, we’ve been taking the last couple of weeks to survey the RPA jobs market in the US. I wanted to understand your ROI from spending up $499 to $1499 on our RPA training. The most tangible good news is that several of you […]

We're not trying to be unethical but we did our best to find out some information about RPA developer salaries

Are We Being Unethical?

Gradually we are building a community around RPA. Training, traditionally, has been “learn to earn”. Buy a course and move on. But at the heart of any community is survival and advancement. Inevitably that boils down to money. Now and for the future. Pick up a new skill. Keep yourself relevant. Stay with or ahead […]

What does the future of RPA look like? The future of Robotic Process Automation

The Future of Robotic Process Automation

Is the World Ready for Robotic Process Automation? The world might not have flying cars or we don’t live in outer space, yet. But one thing for certain about the present and future, is that we will be sharing our workforce with robots  – whether you are ready or not. The “future of work” depends […]

Human Resources should take a number of RPA implementation factors into consideration

Is your HR leadership driving your RPA strategy?

Should Your HR Department be in Charge of Your RPA Strategy? Is this list complete? Feel free to add to it. Here’s my take on the HR/People impact of RPA. Feel free to add to this list in the comments below. It’s not only about RPA. RPA is just the entry-point digital. There is way […]

Don't be afraid of getting certified Robotic Process Automation training online.

Ignore RPA and Die; Embrace RPA and Thrive.
A Robotics Guide for Leaders and Account Directors.

RPA and BPO/ITO/KPOs A robotic process automation guide for company leaders and account directors. The same question has come up over and over in the last two years. And still I get asked it every single week… It is usually mixed into the following comments We are a BPO/ITO/KPO…. We are afraid of what RPA […]