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Announcing our Automation Anywhere Partnership It is exciting…
Job growth in Robotic Process Automation has increased by over 62 percent in the past year.

62% Job Growth. Just a Start. Europe Next...

62% Jobs Growth in RPA, And That's Just the Start; Europe's next Finally…
Big increases in RPA jobs according to recent 2017 data. Expectations for significant job growth in RPA for 2018

Surprise RPA Jobs Data

Surprising Jobs Data for RPA Developers Salary levels and hourly…

Start Your Morning With A Perfect Routine

Working in tech, you dedicate a great chunk of your life to serving…

Working in Tech, You Need This Important Vitamin

You've got to face the facts. Being in tech and working largely…
Human resources shouldn't be the only department in your company that is thinking about ways to employ RPA. Robotic Processs Automation is worthy of a CEO and account directors to implement RPA

Tech Your Break!

Working in tech, there's so many directions you're probably pulled…

Water is More Important Than You Think:
5 Reasons Why You Need to Drink Water Every Day

  We all know that we need water to survive. Experts…
What is it like out there for RPA training, how much per hour is a RPA developer getting paid?

RPA Jobs and Salary Information - RPA WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE

How Much Money Do RPA Developers Make? As many of you know,…
We're not trying to be unethical but we did our best to find out some information about RPA developer salaries

Are We Being Unethical?

Gradually we are building a community around RPA. Training,…
What does the future of RPA look like? The future of Robotic Process Automation

The Future of Robotic Process Automation

Is the World Ready for Robotic Process Automation? The world…
Human Resources should take a number of RPA implementation factors into consideration

Is your HR leadership driving your RPA strategy?

Should Your HR Department be in Charge of Your RPA Strategy? Is…
Don't be afraid of getting certified Robotic Process Automation training online.

Ignore RPA and Die; Embrace RPA and Thrive.
A Robotics Guide for Leaders and Account Directors.

RPA and BPO/ITO/KPOs A robotic process automation guide for…
A linup of unemployed or under-employed RPA consultants looking for work in Robotic Process Automation with their newly acquired RPA training skills

Is There Really An RPA Skills Shortage?

Is There Really An RPA Skills Shortage? Most blog postings…
Where are all the women in robotic process automation training?

Where are the women in RPA? (Alternatively, Is RPA Killing Women's Jobs?)

Two questions. Where are the women in RPA? Is RPA Killing Women's…
The speed of change is accelerating in the field of robotic process automation training

Speed of change: Your career decision

What is the Speed of Change in Robotic Process Automation? I…