Blue Prism World 2018 NYC

Unexpected… from Blue Prism World

I always feel painfully awkward at conferences. You arrive, on your own, with a sea of faces. And somehow you are meant to just “network”. But everyone is in the same situation. At least you have something in common, so it ends up being a lot easier than my worst fears. And you end up […]

Classroom RPA training in New York for Robotic Process Automation platforms such as Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Midtown Manhattan RPA training in NYC

Why “254” is this week’s magic number.

Why “254” is this week’s magic number. And what has it got to do with New York? This week and next, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere are in New York, running their major annual conferences. 2000+ people will attend. But you don’t have to be in NY to realize that you are in the right […]

28 Day Certification in Robotic Process Automation

Magic Numbers

Onsite RPA training at a city classroom for RPA courses and classes in Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere Robotic Process Automation classroom training in

TED Talks – What they mean for you and RPA

Has anyone NOT seen a TED talk? Or a TEDx talk? Basically TEDx is the same as TED. But TEDx allows anyone, anywhere in the world to take the TED model and use it locally. The TED organisation gives the guidance about how to do it. And the local organisers use their ideas and community […]

RPA certification training in Germany for Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism platorms

RPA Training in Germany

All about our new RPA certification course that starts April 30th 2018

Kicking Down Barriers; RPA Careers Start Here

The demand to learn RPA is huge. But I noticed barriers that were stopping people from doing their RPA training. We all work. So how do you fit it in to work/life commitments? How do you get hands on practice? What is the certification process? It seems vague, and many students were doing the training […]

Details about how you can learn RPA and get certified in Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere in 28 days.

Getting you an RPA job in 28 Days & What Happened Friday

So, you want to learn RPA… But why?  What will you get from it? And how quickly? Yes, the RPA technologies are powerful. Yes, this RPA work is challenging and interesting Yes, you can make a huge impact with RPA skills And, yes, RPA is a gateway to Machine Learning, AI and much more. But […]

The possible locations for the next on-site RPA training class.

Is your city on this list? How advanced is the economy around you?

I set out down the RPA journey a bit naively, with the wrong mindset. RPA really seemed to offer the same as outsourcing, but using bots instead of offshore workers. My going-in mentality was around cost savings, cutting headcount, and maybe improving service. So, using some exciting technology wrapped in a negative/defensive theme. Fast forward […]

The RPA Academy is an authorized training partner with Blue Prism Group. We are tested and accredited with Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation software

Announcing our Accreditation with Blue Prism

Formal Announcement: We are now an Authorized Training Partner with Blue Prism It’s taken 12 months… We got word last week that we’ve been selected as an Authorized Training Partner with Blue Prism. Now we can push ahead with our online Blue Prism training, our plans to open up in New York and Bangalore, and […]

Onsite classroom training in Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere in New York City. RPA training NYC.

What would you do with $250m?
Any plans in the next 3 months?

Both UiPath and Blue Prism have announced huge funding rounds in the last few weeks. Totaling more than $250m. But what does that money mean for you? Yes, the money is earmarked towards developing their products. But it is also about funding growth. Huge growth. And that growth needs skilled people. As I keep repeating, […]

Automation Anywhere University

This is what everyone is afraid of 😱

Their common fear is…. The Automation Anywhere conference last week in London was really energizing. Not only were there more product advancements, but there was a real buzz from the attendees about RPA and everything beyond. There is no doubt that this is just the beginning. Even amongst the keynote presenters, not one single one […]

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training Partner

Automation Anywhere Partnership

Announcing our Automation Anywhere Partnership It is exciting to formally announce our partnership with Automation Anywhere. We can now get you certified on Automation Anywhere, and that opens up huge opportunities. We’ve been working on this for almost a year now, and we know that nothing comes easy 😃 The most common question I get […]