4 Blue Prism Development Best Practices

1. Single Launch and Login Page

It is a common practice to create a single Launch and Login page.

However, these should be 2 different pages.

This gives us flexibility to recover when the Launch of an application fails.


We generally retry Launch failures and never retry Login failures since a bot will never mistype the

credential unless it has wrong ones saved.

2. Not using Attach Action

Beginners tend to ignore the use of attach actions. One needs to call attach pages across the object

pages as soon as the start stage to help seamless switching between multiple applications running at the same time.


3. Hard Coding timeouts

Newbies tend to hard code timeout stages of wait.


Instead you need to use global data items which help you change the timeouts easily. Changing the

time outs on a single page would affect rest of the pages!!!


Building all the logic on main page


Break logic into multiple pages which help everyone one the team to understand the code and fix bugs in case of your unavailability.

4. Building huge objects

People tend to build huge objects. However, there are a lot of benefits when you break object into

smaller ones.

4.1 Multiple developers can work simultaneously.

4.2 Fewer items would break when changes are made.

4.3 Consumption of lower memory.

Good Naming convention: APP NAME + SCREEN NAME