One question. Many answers. And proof of why we need to smash the training model!

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We are not a research house. 

We are not a polling organisation. 

We are not a consulting business.

We just ask one question a week, and see what the market (i.e. you!) really thinks .

Last week we asked:

“When you have a question/problem - where do you get your answers?”

On the one hand, there were some obvious answers. #1 source = the internet. Doh!

On the other hand, why are the RPA platform websites not the #1 source? 

But what we confirmed this week was that almost no one is relying on their manager for knowledge. We know there isn’t a generation of experienced RPA developers who can provide technical help at the coal face.

Colleagues are not much better as a reliable source. You’re on your own!

What is totally shocking is how little help the training providers offer. This is one of the gazillion reasons we set out to smash the traditional training model.

Currently, what happens is that you pay for some training. It starts on one date. It finishes in a week or two weeks. Then it is goodbye! No help, no ongoing support, nothing.

And, you’ve spent a lot.

Our subscription model, means you can go to all the training, whenever it suits you.

If you want to do the live classes, you just turn up.

If you want on-demand training, the content is there for you.

Want to talk to an expert?

Well, all our classes are live and you can ask any questions at all.

And your subscription gives access to all the training on all the platforms - PLUS business/analyst training.

So, yes we were disappointed about how badly the training organisations are supporting the market. But, it also validated the need for a radically different approach to training. 

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Where do you get help from?.png