Blue Prism acquires Thoughtonomy for $100M

The hot news this week is Blue Prism's purchase of Thoughtonomy for up to $100m. It follows SAP's purchase of Contextor at the end of last year, so you could wonder if RPA vendors are hot targets right now.

There are more similarities than differences in the two deals, SAP purchased Contextor to fill a clear gap in their product suite being filled by several of the RPA vendors. Similarly, Thoughtonomy fills a huge SaaS-based hole in the Blue Prism offering.

The annual Blue Prism conference earlier this year was a little worrying with all of Blue Prism's major competitors pulling ahead in the capabilities race. The roadmap offered was simply one of catching up with the competition and provided none of the market-defining innovation that gave RPA its name in the first place.

Thoughtonomy was there too. A most notable addition as it was their first appearance alongside Blue Prism in a formal setting despite licencing the Blue Prism technology for use within their own solution. The writing was on the wall, both companies were stronger together than apart, the question was when this deal would happen, not if.

Where Thoughtonomy lacked scale, Blue Prism lacked the SaaS capabilities, as a combined force Blue Prism could be back in the competition offering an enterprise-grade automation solution with a full range of automation, cloud and AI capabilities. Meanwhile, the competition isn't standing still either, and the race is on to move swiftly and create a clearly unified proposal.

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