Can we kill the word “developer”? How prepared are you for your knowledge journey?

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Can we really kill the word “developer”?

I just think it is too narrow a definition.

When I hear the word “Developer”, I get the feeling that:

  • You are not interested in the operation side

  • Cyber security is not on your radar.

  • Networks - meh! They are someone else’s problem.

  • Scalability - well, kind of my thing.

  • Project management - not me

  • Compliance - there’s a department for that….

Of course, that is total bull$#!t.

You are highly engaged in these areas.

For a small part, because you’d be negligent not to be. But mainly because this is your career and this is all exciting stuff. And it is only going to get more exciting and faster. And that will translate in to real money.

Over the coming months you’ll see us doing a number of things to help you with your skills as a “technologist”, not a developer. Many of these things go way beyond technology and in to skills and capabilities for your life as a whole.

Currently we live in a siloed world.

The project paths, knowledge paths and career paths have huge barbed wire fences around them. The structural world does not believe that that someone in RPA needs to learn anything about IoT or Data Science.

In reality, the rapid adoption of “digital" will be killed by any barriers at all to knowledge.

But back in 2019, these barriers exist, big time.

More on this in the coming weeks, and some big announcements by the end of summer.

For you to access real success, you need to know that this requires you going way wider than “knowledge”.

It requires you to be prepared for your knowledge journey.

More specifically, your long term knowledge journey, the application of that knowledge, plus the sharing of what you’ve learned.

So, this week’s Question Of The Week is about how prepared you are for your knowledge journey.