Do you know how "un-advanced'​ the RPA market is?

As a pure-play training/knowledge organization, running since 2017, we work online and onsite across the globe. 

This gives us a very unusual perspective of the RPA market. 

What we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks has been highly revealing about exactly how much penetration RPA has had in to organizations.

And the answer is “not much”!

But that is all starting to change.

Here’s what we’ve seen, just in the last few weeks.

You hear vague numbers about the number of clients each RPA platform has. But that means nothing really.

You can’t see from public data exactly how many bots RPA-users really have in production. 

For all the headlines about “how many clients does each RPA provider have?”, the real question, is “what percentage of processes have been automated within each client?

This question (or a more scientific version) we need to hear the RPA platforms talking about - not the number of logos or number of bots.

However, a number of organizations, who are long-time users of RPA [Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath], have very recently created plans to rapidly ramp up their internal skills. 

These opportunities are always welcome. And they allow us to showcase exactly what we are doing to innovate in the market.

But these are organizations that I would never have targeted. I’d assumed such early adopters had already built their capabilities already. 

Getting Beyond 1%

What this really reveals is that the early adopters of RPA took time to get going. [To repeat - this is across the board, for all the major platforms].

A few bots are easy - but getting to real RPA penetration requires a strategic commitment.

From what we are seeing the level of commitment and ambition to take advantage of the value of RPA happens a few years into the journey, 

So, when we ask the question, “what percentage of processes have you automated?”, I think we’ll find the answer is about 1%

And that’s where the early adopters are today.

The rest are still at the 0.01% level.   

How We Help Your Growth (for yourself or your organization)

Supporting that growth, and rapid ramp-up, is one of the many reasons behind our creation of the Unlimited Learning service. 

It allows organizations (and individuals like you) to easily get trained quickly and at a scale, turn on and off access, deepen knowledge beyond just core topics. 

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Have a great week.