learning paths

Does Learning Path = Earning Path?

Learning Path

We’ve been exploring "Learning Paths" over the last few months.

It gets pretty complicated. 

Just look at the Blue Prism paths we’ve been sketching out.

This is simplistic.

Learning Paths

It ignores the real barriers individuals face.

Everyone has different needs, pressures, plans, objectives, and visions.

All at different times. With everyone moving at different speeds.

The logic is very simple: “Have More Knowledge = Drive More Value = Get Paid More”.

It will happen, either with your current employer or your next employer.

If you can tick the following boxes, you’re going to rocket:

  1. Know what can be done

  2. Know how to do it (or get it done)

  3. Know how to solve or get problems solved

But how do you access that knowledge?

Just within the RPA zone, the platforms are evolving, and Ecosystems are growing up fast. 

The potentials are becoming almost unlimited.

Our Unlimited Live Online Learning model is designed to support you across your learning path (and earning path). You’ll learn what can be done, how to do it, and how to get help when you need it.