A little known Blue Prism update * Try Blue Prism training for free – and $50 discount * Singapore vs Hong Kong * New York – last chance * NHS in the UK

Free Blue Prism Training

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A little known update about Blue Prism

Sorry to talk too much about Blue Prism this week, but here’s something that you should all know.

Until recently it has been pretty hard to get registered with Blue Prism. The process was byzantine and there were unknowable hoops.

However, now they’ve done the right thing and opened up their portal.

Now anyone can register – just go here http://portal.blueprism.com/




What more can I say… https://therpaacademy.com/rpa-job-listings/



Blue Prism Training… A $50 discount, try our training for free, and keep learning for 12 months?

We’ve spent a lot of time in the last two months looking at what our students like and the feedback we get.


We’ve learned that you:

  • Want to get started faster.
  • Like live training
  • Value flexibility around work/life
  • Love the focus and discipline from the 28 Day program.

So now we’ve changed things so you can:

  1. Start learning (fully hands on) within minutes
  2. Get over 40+ hours of live tutorials each month
  3. And keep learning for 12 months (start with Developer training, then keep going)
  4. All for the same $999 price.

You can try it for free AND get a $50 discount – use the code “Free50″

We’re doing this first for Blue Prism, and next for Automation Anywhere.

Have a look here https://courses.therpaacademy.com/course?courseid=blue-prism-developer-course—instant-access—live-training



What is happening in Singapore? And why not Hong Kong?

We do a lot of testing – looking for patterns, seeing where the demand is and working on our expansion plans.

There are many things that don’t make sense to us.

The one that is confusing me most currently is why Singapore demand is going through the roof and Hong Kong is almost silent.

We offer the same training in both Hong Kong and Singapore – both online and onsite.

We advertise in the same way for both locations.

But one is busy and the other is quiet.

Anyone got any ideas? Email me directly with any suggestions – eb@therpaacademy.com



Last chance to sign up for New York

  • 5 Days of Blue Prism Training, onsite, right in the middle of Manhattan.
  • Easy for more than 10 million people to get to 🙂




Do you work for (or with) the NHS in the UK?

This is a strange request. But if you work for the NHS in the UK (and there are 1.5m of you) – I’d appreciate if you can get in touch with me. eb@therpaacademy.com