Blue Prism RPA

The RPA Academy is an authorized training partner with Blue Prism Group. We are tested and accredited with Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation softwareHaving been around since 2002, Blue Prism recognised early on the challenges facing organisations when it came to the processing of highly transactional activities. They are credited with inventing the phrase “Robotic Process Automation” and thus defining a whole new way of delivering core operations that has started to transform the world.

Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation software provides organisations of all types with access to an agile digital workforce. Working alongside traditional delivery people and technology delivery models, RPA opens up highly cost-effective alternatives that allows your teams to focus on the higher value activities. It does this by implementing rules-based processes that interact with an organisation’s existing systems in the same way that the human workforce currently does.

In order to do this the RPA Digital Workforce is built around the need to be secure, consistent, reliable and scalable. This means that processes are delivered accurately and consistently, enhancing compliance and reducing risks. And the organisation’s teams are then able to focus on driving value rather than processing repetitive transactions.

In terms of implementation and operation, Blue Prism’s RPA technology largely removes the need for coding, meaning that there is a low touch required from the IT function, with core controls, overview and governance that can be run by the operations themselves, either centrally or by function.

While it is highly effective as a standalone solution it is also designed to complement other operational effectiveness tools and approaches, e.g. BPM, Lean Six Sigma etc. In that way an organisation can leverage multiple approaches to fully optimise their processes.

Alignment with other tools enables the core RPA function to start feeding into the wider digital initiatives of the organisation, in particular artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and sentiment analysis, further enabling the business operations to deliver value.

Blue Prism v6 offers further enhancements around challenging areas such as Surface Automation that will speed implementations via Thin Clients and enhance monitoring with the customised front end. The expansion of the platform’s UI beyond English into other languages is starting with Japanese and will move on with Spanish as the market for RPA expands globally.

Blue Prism v6 highlights the determination to link up with other tools, leveraging Trust Portal as one example, but also supporting Credential Management via CyberArk, delivering core architectures for Azure Cloud and AWS etc.

In this way an organisation that uses Blue Prism RPA gets deeper business insight for easier analysis and presentation, stronger compliance and security and faster scalability. And all of this will help feed the move towards cognitive learning and onto Artificial Intelligence in business operations.