Logging In To The Blue Prism Platform

Set Up

Your Blue Prism access runs on a platform called Heropa.

Getting set up is easy, and you’ll be using Blue Prism within 5 minutes of now.

This is a one-off process. Next time you log in, one click and you will be live.

Just follow the instructions below.


Go to https://rpa.heropa.com

Register your name and email.

Got your email to confirm your email.

Get Started

Go to “Library”

Select the Blue Prism course = BluePrism_TrainingCourse_TrialVersion

Use Coupon Code = BPTV2019APR

And launch the course.

It will take a few minutes. When the VM screen opens log in to Blue Prism with the username “admin”, password “admin123”

Need Help?

Just Contact Us if you have any questions at all.