Level 2 Getting Going (1).png

Building Your First Bots

There are a few key things to get 100% right at this stage.

You need to have a Center of Expertise (COE) established. It can be small, part-time, to get started. But you must have it in place.

Change management is a key part of your role. This is going to affect many different parts of the organization, and many roles.

Our Business Training goes deeper each month on the core topics. Plus it is a great support mechanism for you. These live sessions allow you to ask any questions.

Above all, you need to need to be thinking about the skills you will need - business-related and platform related. We offer online and onsite options at our locations and at your locations, anywhere in the world.

We also offer a great “phone a friend” support service. This is designed to give you tailored help, from real experts, at a time that suits you.