Start Your Morning With A Perfect Routine

Working in tech, you dedicate a great chunk of your life to serving someone other than yourself. And while it is rewarding, it can get very tedious and leave you wide open to becoming burnt out.

There’s no need to convince you how important it is to develop a morning routine. Deep down, you already know the benefits. One of the main benefits is that you put yourself in control of your day. When you leave your day up to fate, a.k.a. your job, that could put a damper on it because you may not end up doing what you truly want to do. One of the easiest ways to do this would be set yourself up with a morning routine that works best for you. Having a routine will leave you more alert throughout the day, and we’re not just talking about eating breakfast!

But I don’t have time for a morning routine!

Guess what, you have to get over it, and it’s best that you turn that thinking into something more positive because you’ll be setting yourself up for a brighter day where you can get more of what you want done. And If you don’t have the time to dedicate to yourself, you are probably long overdue for that much needed time. You can start with one hour set aside for just you. A lot of it begins with preparation. Here are some ways you can bring your morning routine into fruition:

1. Let people know you are beginning to work with a daily routine.

That way, you won’t feel guilty for paying attention to yourself during the time you’d be getting the kids ready for school, making lunch, and doing whatever else people usually do in the morning. This shows that you need time for improvement and would appreciate everyone’s respect as you want to work this out.

2. Prepare the night before.

Okay, so you can’t just cheat on all of your responsibilities with your new morning routine, so the best way to be fully prepared and make sure things get done is to begin the night before. Meal prep, lay out your clothes for the next day, and write a to-do list of everything you need to get done for the next day. And don’t do this begrudgingly! There’s no need to mix up less-than-stellar energy with your plans for tomorrow. Plan to start your day off on a positive note.

3. Give thanks!

Now you are ready to begin your day, and feeling gratitude is a wonderful way to start – even if it’s saying a simple “thank you” for waking up. The days aren’t promised to us, so try to be thankful you have gotten consecutive fresh starts.

4. Pick an activity that focuses solely on you.

Maybe you have dreams to start your own business or side hustle. This is the perfect time to turn those dreams into a reality. This means not checking any work emails or text messages. Forget scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Grab a notebook or your laptop and use this time to make a plan.

Or maybe you need time to exercise. However much time you decide to allot, this morning time would be helpful and give you energy to get you going for the day.

This would also be a wonderful time to creatively visualize how you would like your day to go. Picture yourself completing all of your tasks with joy and ease. This can all be seen as meditation, too! You get the opportunity to feed two birds with one scone, visualizing and meditating. Why begin your day with the idea that everything will go south? Visualize your perfect day. It’s okay to picture yourself smiling!

Try out your new morning routine, and marvel in the improvements and accomplishments you decided to give yourself!

Do you follow a routine or have any suggestions?