Details about how you can learn RPA and get certified in Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere in 28 days.

Getting you an RPA job in 28 Days & What Happened Friday

So, you want to learn RPA…

But why?  What will you get from it? And how quickly?

  • Yes, the RPA technologies are powerful.
  • Yes, this RPA work is challenging and interesting
  • Yes, you can make a huge impact with RPA skills
  • And, yes, RPA is a gateway to Machine Learning, AI and much more.

But at the heart of it all, this is about your career.

It is about finding something that goes, beyond just paying the bills.

It is about a role that is challenging, rewarding and has a future.

What we saw across 2017 was the continued growth – globally – in demand for RPA skills.

And what happened last Friday reminded me that these are early days and the demand is growing faster.

Three different companies reached out to me to ask for our graduates. In the US, UK, Europe AND India.

Not just the odd role here or there, but almost 100 roles globally.

My view has always been that a strong developer can learn any of the RPA platforms.

With good training and some on-boarding support they can be highly effective within a few days of starting a project.

And – if people are paying for their own training – knowing that they can get access to real, immediate job openings makes that investment a) worthwhile and b) payback very quickly.

Do the maths. 

If you pay $1000 for RPA training and you get an extra $10 per hour, then the payback is 2.5 weeks.

By the end of Year 1, your ROI is 1840%. And that is before including any salary increases as you gain more experience.

So, yes, there are jobs, and there is money – and the jobs are available quickly.

Train with us and we’ll give you those direct introductions. We won’t wait until the end of the training. We’ll start the process in the early days of your training.


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