All about our new RPA certification course that starts April 30th 2018

Kicking Down Barriers; RPA Careers Start Here

The demand to learn RPA is huge.

But I noticed barriers that were stopping people from doing their RPA training.

  1. We all work. So how do you fit it in to work/life commitments?
  2. How do you get hands on practice?
  3. What is the certification process? It seems vague, and many students were doing the training but taking ages to sit for certification.
  4. What I don’t like the training?
  5. Will I get an RPA job, and how will I do that?

So, that is how the 28 Day RPA Certification Course came about.

Here are the key points to note:

  • This is a part time course, to fit round work/life balance
  • It is very hands-on, with full access to either Automation Anywhere or Blue Prism (we’ve got official partnerships with both)
  • It is 10 x 2 hour classes of live, online interactive training across 10 days
  • We run it across 4 regions – so it fits with almost everyone’s timezones.
  • The classes are Monday-Friday evenings
  • Note – We record every class. If you miss one or want to review the content all the videos are there for you.
  • If there are topics that need deeper training, we’ll schedule special sessions for them
  • You’ll always have access to the instructor for help and support
  • Across the 28 days there are tests, Q&A, and case studies for you to get real hands-on practice
  • The goal is to get you ready for certification within 28 days. BUT you can sit the exam whenever suits you – any time before or after the 28 days. 28 Days is just a target to keep us all focused.
  • The course is 100% refundable for any reasons during the first week, no questions asked
  • And we’ll directly introduce you to hiring managers and recruiters who need trained RPA developers (plus help you with your resume and LinkedIn profile).

As I always say, the Payback Period on this training – even if you only earn $10 per hour more – is less than 14 days.

But for me, the biggest reason for learning RPA now is where this really leads you… There really are an exciting 10-15 years of growth from RPA all the way to AI.

And the entry point to all of that is here and now.

Sign up on the link below for more information and I’ll help answer your questions directly.


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