On-Demand and Live Online Training

Live, Online RPA Platform Classes

These are live, online, expert-led classes. They are interactive and so you can ask any questions you want. If you miss a session, you can access the recording. And - across the full month - you can attend as many classes as you wish.

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Blue Prism Foundation/Developer Training

Starts 22nd April, for 10 days

2-4pm EST. Monday-Friday.

$349 a month (cancel any time)

Details Here

Next live online Automation Anywhere Advanced Developer Training - 29th April, 11am-1pm EST. Monday-Friday.

Next live online UiPath Advanced Training - 15th April 11am-1pm EST, Monday-Friday.

On Demand, Online RPA Platform Training

These are self-paced, online classes. You can learn at your own pace, always with full hands-on platform access. If you have any training questions at all we are available to help you by email or via live one-on-one sessions.

Get Started Immediately

$699 - Details Here

Blue Prism Developer Training

Full Hands On Platform Access

Get Started Immediately

$699 - Details Here

Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Developer

Full Hands On Platform Access

The Business Side of RPA

Option 1. You can full instant, on-demand access to our RPA Master Course. It is over 12 hours from our original course on the business side of RPA. This was the course that the AICPA used to create their formal member qualifications. It is a one-off payment of $499. Details here.

Option 2. You also sign up for our the course - “The Business Side of RPA”. It is a series live online business classes - 3 * 1 hour classes per week, starting this April. They are grouped around specific topics and you can attend as many as you wish. You can join for one month at $499 or subscribe at $349 a month (cancel any time, no commitment). Details here.

BONUS/DISCOUNT OPTiON 3. Subscribe for “The Business Side of RPA” and get the RPA Master Course included - and access immediately! That means $848 of courses for just $349 a month (cancel any time - no commitment). Details here.