A New, Expert-Led Service.

Designed to help you succeed.

And affordable for everyone.

We launched The RPA Academy at the start of 2017.

Our vision was simple: 

“We wanted to make it easy for you to get the skills that you need to fully leverage the power of RPA.”

So far we’ve trained more than 2000 people across the globe - onsite and online - for all the main RPA platforms. 

And we are adding more platforms in the coming months.


Have a look at what people say about us here- http://therpaacademy.com/testimonials

The One Major Issue Affecting The Global Market

Across the globe, there is still a shortage of people who are skilled and experienced in RPA.

Almost no one has more than a few years experience.

Just imagine if you could access people with that deep knowledge and expertise.

By “knowledge and expertise” we mean:

  • Understanding where to apply RPA (at the basic and well beyond)

  • Guidance and training on how to use RPA

  • Support when you hit real-world issues

Get that and you’ll rocket your success.

It is very hard to find and access this expertise and knowledge

  • Consultants are expensive (And sometimes you just want a few minutes of help, not a full project team)

  • If you’ve got a technology partner, they can leave your team with no skills to run and grow your RPA platform

  • Live training is expensive - so most people get no formal training

  • Most training is recored, self-paced or on-demand - you are not led by an expert (so why not just use YouTube?)

  • You have to buy a full course - and sit through it end to end

  • Almost no one does advanced training - where you really get the best project/career knowledge

  • Most training didn’t fit in to work/life schedules

  • There is no expert available to answer your questions - in the class or on your projects

In addition, almost everyone focusses on the “tech”.

They ignore the methodologies that the RPA platforms lay out. These cover the essential areas of COEs/Governance, Reporting, Change Management, and Communication. 

All the platforms give the same message - the technology is powerful, but it can only be successful if you recognise and address the profound change that is happening to your organisation.

But getting Business/Analyst training is “another cost”and more time away from the day job.

All these factors make it:

  1. More difficult to get started!

  2. More difficult to ramp up!

  3. More difficult to expand into the ecosystem around RPA!

  4. And they add risk and costs!

High Expectations From RPA

There is a lot of pressure and expectations riding on RPA. 

Senior leaders have been told that RPA is easy, fast, low-cost, and anyone can do it. 

So, when it comes to the people at the coal face, charged with actually delivering, there are huge pressures.

To address for the RPA market globally, we have launched a brand new service.

Unique, Low Pricing

Start with the pricing - it is $349 a month. With no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

Join for a month. Or stay for your full career. Totally up to you.

You get unlimited access to all of our live and on-demand training.

This includes all technical training:

  • Blue Prism (with platform access!!!),

  • Automation Anywhere,

  • and UiPath

  • [Note - we will be adding more technology brands]

It covers all levels, on all of the platforms - if you are new to RPA or wanting to dig deeper.

It includes the Business/Analyst training - so you can really learn the non-technical factors that will drive your success

And it is all live, expert-led. So you can really get help with the issues you have.

If you miss a class, the recording will be there to review. Or you can attend the next class. Simple.

You can do all of the courses, or just attend the classes that you need.

Are we missing anything? Just ask here.

Normally this costs you $000s. And, to be frank, only 1% of you would ever do more than the basics.

We’ve cut the price and added way more content than you can get anywhere.

And being based in New York and London, we’ve got a team that has unique skills and experience that will drive your projects forward.

You can get started now. As soon as you sign up, you get access to all of our on-demand training (valued at almost $3000).

Got Questions?

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