Summer is over; but it’s not even early spring in RPA-land.

The market is just getting started.

So here’s the biggest problem…

Over the weekend there was a great Wall Street Journal article about businesses retraining their staff.
The story was mainly about very tight labour markets, where there were no people to do the work.
So automation is the only option for many employers in many sectors.
The article also highlighted that existing employees are being retrained to use these new technologies.
Employers were rewarding their new skills in higher salaries!
All of this is fine if you are in a job and getting retrained. We do this every week.
But what about people who are trying to switch jobs, getting retrained in RPA and then looking for a job.
Employers are still struggling to take the leap.
They are still looking for experienced recruits in a market where that commodity is scarce.
Having the right background, the right training and the right motivation should transcend a lack of experience, especially in a supervised environment.
But it doesn’t.
So, what can we do about this?
Paid internships? Working on real projects? Under experienced supervision? Filling the last gap in your resume/CV?
Just email us if you are interested.
If you are an employer and want to help us grow our intern scheme email us too.