Prove Me Wrong… please!!!

Are accountants going to be leading the Digital Workforce?

RPA will replace HR and it will go the way of the dinosaurs

Is HR next?

I’ve been spending too much time working on the concept of the digital workforce.

By any stretch of the imagination, it is a scary concept.

Partly because it is here today!

The only reassuring angle of this is that is going to happen slowly.

Just as our cars are becoming self-driving micro step by micro step, so it is with our workplaces.

The flip side is that, as with age, it is going to creep up on us before we realise it.

Our focus is on the educational element of this. Supporting and protecting and enabling people for their career journey.

No one is going to be immune.

So, what steps can you be taking to address this now?

The more we look at the market, the more unsupported the workforce appears to be.

There are no AI bots out there providing career advice.

There are no ML tools tracking your career and searching for the next steps.

And even the process of applying for a job is just an online version of the paper-based recruitment process that has been around since literacy became the norm.

At a macro level, this is serious for any organisation.

#SHRM should brand itself as the end of workSwitching, whether gradually or quickly, to a digital workforce takes planning and a load of care and attention.

So why is it I see more coming from the accountants than I do from the HR community?

I don’t see SHRM in the US or CIPD in the UK shouting about the issue, training their members or leading on solutions.

As with many hunches that you have, you never quite know if it is just you or whether you are going mad.

A late night tweet I did last week (note – not Elon Musk or Rosanne Barr style! see it here) elicited a great response from HfS owner Phil Fersht

“#SHRM should brand itself as the “Past of Work”. #dinosaurs”

So it is not just me.

Anyone able to prove me wrong?

Real RPA Jobs

Courtesy of Apex, here are the vacancies they are running with today

We (The RPA Academy – to be clear) are recruiting!

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We’re building out our New York training hub.

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Is your city on the list?

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Real Internships

Is this the killer combination? Bridging the gap between knowledge and experience?

  1. Great training.
  2. Internships to give you hands on experience.
  3. Help getting your first job, now that you have training AND experience.
  4. And support from a mentor as you get your career moving

Let me know if Point 2 is of interest right now.

We’ll be publishing more details in the coming weeks, but you can get ahead of the curve.

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Technical help

Over the last two years we’ve made so many new friends around the globe.

And we’re happy to help anyone promote what they are doing.

Here’s what Accelirate are doing.

I really liked their newsletter – with good technical advice like this about Citrix/RPA