Water is More Important Than You Think:
5 Reasons Why You Need to Drink Water Every Day


We all know that we need water to survive. Experts tell us that we need at least eight glasses of water per day, but when we reach for our third glass, we realize that sweet, sweet, sugary coffee is a whole lot more appealing.

Being in tech, it’s more than important to get water into our system on a regular basis so we don’t crash. At The RPA Academy, we want to share with you some practical tools that you will need to help your work in the RPA industry run a little smoother.

WebMD tells us that drinking water is good for us for a host of reasons, but here are the ones that we need to know when sitting in front of a computer all day:

1. Sitting down at a computer all day is no goodwater gets your muscles revved up!

When new water isn’t getting into your body, your cells  become thirsty and start to shrivel up. This will cause you to become tired and less productive. Have a drink of water with lemon first thing in the morning so our cells and the rest of your body get an extra boost throughout the day. Lemon will help to alkaline your body and restore pH levels necessary to function properly. It will help you feel a lot fresher and brighter as you start your day and keep your energy levels going throughout the day (provided you continue drinking water).

2. Screen time increases headaches, and water helps to minimize them.

Because water is giving you a boost, it can help knock out those headaches you get from staring at a screen all day long. Dehydration can make you feel tired and lethargic, which contributes to the headaches. Water frees your brain and allows everything to work in sync and flow smoothly, as it was meant to do.

3. Don’t be a tech troll – water will help to restore your mood.

No one wants to be a grump when they’re working all day, and water can help to allieviate your mood.

4. No more leaving work early when you’re sick…

Have you ever noticed that some people who work in tech get sick fairly frequently? Maybe it’s all of the energy drinks required to stay up and get the job done, but as we now know from #1, drinking water will help to get your energy levels up. Drinking water helps break up congestion, according to the Mayo Clinic. Add lemon and honey to help knock out your cold even faster.

5 . … and it can keep you from taking too many sick days.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Yeah, sure, but so does H20. Drinking water regularly can help to stop disease and other ailments before it starts. Keep your bottle filled, and drink, drink, drink!