Robotic Process Automation Training

The RPA Academy offers online classes for training in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with Blue Prism Certification courses and Automation Anywhere Certification courses.

The RPA Academy is an authorized training partner with Blue Prism Group. We are tested and accredited with Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation softwareThese live and on-demand webinars on RPA are the first of its kind and are aimed at companies and individuals around the world seeking to learn about Robotic Process Automation.

The RPA Academy is the only organization of its kind that specializes in Robotic Process Automation Training, by covering the full cycle of RPA training– from Executive Strategy & Operations through to Platform Implementation and Employee Training.

By offering RPA training on a range of different platforms, the content of the RPA Academy is flexible to any given company’s needs and requirements, teaching how to implement what any given individual wants to learn about Robotic Process Automation.

The RPA Academy specializes in providing for training business leaders, operational leads, and operational teams on all aspects of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The content covers business strategy and operations, and practical accredited training on RPA platforms.

We focus purely on RPA training.

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training PartnerThis means we can create an approach and an infrastructure that ensures that the training content and delivery are effective and evolve with users’ needs, the market requirements, and the platforms’ capabilities.

1. Education for business leaders, operations leads, and support functions:

  • Sector-specific content, e.g. An Introduction to RPA In Medical Claims, RPA In Retail Banking etc.
  • Vertical-specific content, e.g. RPA For Human Resources, 10 F&A Processes to Apply RPA To, etc.
  • Issue-specific content, e.g. How To Implement and Run a COE, Change Management Issues For RPA Projects, Compliance In RPA Operations etc.

2. Training on the RPA platforms, aimed at people looking to learn a new skill for personal career development and organizations looking to train their teams to implement and run an RPA platform.

This will include:

  • Online training
  • Classroom training onsite with organizations
  • Classroom training in our locations
  • Blended online/classroom training to minimize the time away from work

Conferences do not give enough granularity; online webcasts are driven by the agenda of the sponsors; and the big consultancy firms can’t keep up with demand.

Through online and onsite training The RPA Academy makes it easy for anyone to attend classes that suit their schedule. This can be online, onsite, or a blended online/onsite approach.

The market is a victim of its own success.

Currently knowledge and training on the RPA platforms is a real bottleneck to the growth of the market globally. The US is facing a significant skills shortage, and the UK, Australia and India face similar issues. Until now it has been almost impossible for anyone to get training on the RPA platforms without sponsorship from RPA companies.

Right now in IT and Systems Engineering, there is a huge shortage of people with the skills to implement and run RPA platforms. The consultancy firms are facing the same issues, with an over-supply of clients looking for RPA projects and an under-supply of experienced resources to deliver them. RPA training comes at the forefront of major changes in the ways companies are run.

Equally, we find senior business leaders trying to understand what RPA is and what it can offer their organization. They are keen to get started, but are looking for knowledge about how to apply RPA in a structured way that will deliver success. While the traditional conference circuit will continue to exist, it does not deliver the granularity of knowledge nor the speed and intimacy that small class, expert-led online learning can deliver.

Founded by experienced consultant, Edward Brooks, The RPA Academy makes it fast, easy and affordable to access expert knowledge and information.

As well as making the knowledge and expertise easily available, The RPA Academy disrupts the traditional conference industry.

“We approached a number of industry organizations about growing The Academy together. However, they recognised the threat to their business model, and didn’t want to challenge their comfort zone.”

The RPA Academy also opens up alternatives to the traditional consultancy model.

“By opening up access to real experts in the RPA space, clients can focus their use of consultants on the areas that can add the most value. It is very feasible to provide the coaching, leadership, domain knowledge and support remotely. That means faster cycle times for projects, faster results and less reliance on location-based high cost consultants.”

At the heart of The RPA Academy is a very different commercial model. While typically RPA content is typically sponsored broadcasts, where the sponsor presents their agenda, the RPA Academy’s content is driven by what each attendee wants to learn – and does not conform to any sponsor’s sales agenda.

The RPA Academy has a totally different model for training. It is based around small online classes, with a maximum number of attendees. Each class is focused on a specific RPA issue or process. Clients pay to attend so they are committed learners. Classes are recorded and are securely available to attendees after the class. This gives them access to knowledge and expertise quickly, and from the convenience of their own desks, tablets or phones.