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Here’s what we’ve learned since 2017

These are issues that are stopping you from growing.

And they are slowing down the whole industry.

They are adding risks, reducing the speed of implementation, and slowing the expansion of uses.

It doesn’t matter which platform we look at - it is the same for them all:

  • Most people do the basic training, then stop

  • After that it is learning on the job

  • Almost NO ONE does any advanced training

  • But the platforms are complex - with much to understand

  • And they keep evolving, with new capabilities

  • Around each platform is a growing ecosystem

  • Once you’ve done the basics, everyone is on an asynchronous journey - you need to learn different things at different times.

  • You could learn online, on demand, from YouTube or wherever.

Where is the knowledge and help when you need it?

So we’ve created a totally unique offering.