Getting you an RPA job in 28 Days & What Happened Friday

So, you want to learn RPA…

But why?  What will you get from it? And how quickly?

  • Yes, the RPA technologies are powerful.
  • Yes, this RPA work is challenging and interesting
  • Yes, you can make a huge impact with RPA skills
  • And, yes, RPA is a gateway to Machine Learning, AI and much more.

But at the heart of it all, this is about your career.

It is about finding something that goes, beyond just paying the bills.

It is about a role that is challenging, rewarding and has a future.

What we saw across 2017 was the continued growth – globally – in demand for RPA skills.

And what happened last Friday reminded me that these are early days and the demand is growing faster.

Three different companies reached out to me to ask for our graduates. In the US, UK, Europe AND India.

Not just the odd role here or there, but almost 100 roles globally.

My view has always been that a strong developer can learn any of the RPA platforms.

With good training and some on-boarding support they can be highly effective within a few days of starting a project.

And – if people are paying for their own training – knowing that they can get access to real, immediate job openings makes that investment a) worthwhile and b) payback very quickly.

Do the maths. 

If you pay $1000 for RPA training and you get an extra $10 per hour, then the payback is 2.5 weeks.

By the end of Year 1, your ROI is 1840%. And that is before including any salary increases as you gain more experience.

So, yes, there are jobs, and there is money – and the jobs are available quickly.

Train with us and we’ll give you those direct introductions. We won’t wait until the end of the training. We’ll start the process in the early days of your training.


See the 28 Day RPA Certification Course – Details Here 

What would you do with $250m?
Any plans in the next 3 months?

Onsite classroom training in Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere in New York City. RPA training NYC.Both UiPath and Blue Prism have announced huge funding rounds in the last few weeks.

Totaling more than $250m.

But what does that money mean for you?

Yes, the money is earmarked towards developing their products.

But it is also about funding growth.

Huge growth.

And that growth needs skilled people.

As I keep repeating, this market is still in the early days.

Most organizations have done nothing with RPA.

Even advanced users are only at 10% penetration – and that is before the technology advances to do more.

If you are looking to learn RPA, then your timing is great. 

So, where is the growth taking place?

Just talk to the Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere teams and see where they are traveling to.

Japan is a surprising growth area, as well as being the only non-English language that Blue Prism supports.

While the world seems happy to learn and implement in English, expect Spanish and Portuguese to come into the equation soon.

India, of course, remains the epicenter of the RPA world.

If labor could really flow freely these skilled resources would get sucked to the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia within seconds.

I was initially amazed to see how much is going on in Toronto and Sydney. Singapore is bubbling up, and I’m slightly shocked that Hong Kong is not as active.

In the US, NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Dallas are at the top. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, appear less active, but the players there are more spread out, and less easy to categorize.

To follow the market growth, we’re just releasing our online and onsite training for the next 3 months (see below). 

Next week we’ll release our “On Tour” dates, taking the training to new cities around the globe.

If you have any advice on where we should go, just hit CONTACT and let me know.







Platform Online/Onsite Course Times Start Date Details
Automation Anywhere Online 7-9pm EST 16-Apr
Automation Anywhere Online 7-9pm CET 16-Apr
Automation Anywhere Online 7-pm IST 16-Apr
Automation Anywhere Online 6-8pm SGT/9-11pm AEDT 16-Apr
Automation Anywhere New York 9-5pm EST 23-Apr
Automation Anywhere Online 7-9pm EST 14-May
Automation Anywhere Online 7-9pm CET 14-May
Automation Anywhere Online 7-pm IST 14-May
Automation Anywhere Online 6-8pm SGT/9-11pm AEDT 14-May
Automation Anywhere New York 9-5pm EST 21-May
Automation Anywhere London 9-5pm BST 7-May
Automation Anywhere Online 7-9pm EST 18-Jun
Automation Anywhere Online 7-9pm CET 18-Jun
Automation Anywhere Online 7-pm IST 18-Jun
Automation Anywhere Online 6-8pm SGT/9-11pm AEDT 18-Jun
Automation Anywhere New York 9-5pm EST 18-Jun
Automation Anywhere London 9-5pm BST 11-Jun
Automation Anywhere Amsterdam 9-5pm CET 18-Jun
Blue Prism Online 7-9pm EST 23-Apr
Blue Prism Online 7-9pm CET 23-Apr
Blue Prism Online 7-pm IST 23-Apr
Blue Prism Online 6-8pm SGT/9-11pm AEDT 23-Apr
Blue Prism New York 9-5pm EST 23-Apr
Blue Prism Online 7-9pm EST 21-May
Blue Prism Online 7-9pm CET 21-May
Blue Prism Online 7-pm IST 21-May
Blue Prism Online 6-8pm SGT/9-11pm AEDT 21-May
Blue Prism New York 9-5pm EST 21-May
Blue Prism London 9-5pm BST 7-May
Blue Prism Online 7-9pm EST 18-Jun
Blue Prism Online 7-9pm CET 18-Jun
Blue Prism Online 7-pm IST 18-Jun
Blue Prism Online 6-8pm SGT/9-11pm AEDT 18-Jun
Blue Prism New York 9-5pm EST 18-Jun
Blue Prism London 9-5pm BST 11-Jun
Blue Prism Zurich 9-5pm CET 18-Jun

This is what everyone is afraid of ?

Their common fear is….

Automation Anywhere UniversityThe Automation Anywhere conference last week in London was really energizing.

Not only were there more product advancements, but there was a real buzz from the attendees about RPA and everything beyond.

There is no doubt that this is just the beginning.

Even amongst the keynote presenters, not one single one had automated more than 20% of what they could automate – and these are the poster children.

That’s certainly not a criticism of Automation Anywhere.

It is just the fact that any organization that started two years ago and ran fast can only achieve so much.

Every day I talk to people at the early stage of their personal or organizational RPA journey.

Their common fear is that they are the last, everyone else has done it, and they need to catch up.

Seriously, fear not. 

I’d reckon that more than 70% of the attendees last week had done nothing.

This is why every single RPA technology provider has spent the last 12 months growing fast AND gearing up for extreme growth going forward.

However, 100% of those 70% will be doing something very soon.

Now is the time to get started on your personal or organizational journey.

Just don’t over analyse things before you get started. That will bog you down forever. You’re going to learn way more by doing than you are by researching.


New York Onsite Blue Prism Training
London Onsite Blue Prism Training
Your Help and Advice Please!

We are just about to start scheduling our Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere courses – online and onsite around the globe.

Can you help?

Just hit REPLY and – in free form text – just tell us:

  • What you want to learn,
  • How (online or onsite),
  • Where (pick a city, anywhere in the world),
  • And what times work for you (timezones, evenings, full time, weekends…)

Thanks – this will be soooo helpful for us!

Automation Anywhere Partnership

Announcing our Automation Anywhere Partnership

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training PartnerIt is exciting to formally announce our partnership with Automation Anywhere.

We can now get you certified on Automation Anywhere, and that opens up huge opportunities.

We’ve been working on this for almost a year now, and we know that nothing comes easy ?

The most common question I get asked – from potential students and big corporates alike – is “which RPA platform do you recommend?”

The answer is always easy – “it really depends”. Actually, I always sidestep this by joking that it is almost like advising a friend who they should marry.

What the market has proven over the last few years is that – as with any almost other industry – there are three leading players.

Clients find clear reasons to pick their preferred RPA platform. Real success depends on factors beyond the choice of platform. The technology will work, but will the organisation be able to adapt to it, on a micro or macro level?

Many larger organisations will use 2, 3 or more RPA platforms, in different functions or divisions, either by design or because big organisations are very complicated and don’t always coordinate. (That’s why we preach so much about the importance of the CoE, but that’s another story).

So, with over 3000 clients globally, and huge growth trajectory, Automation Anywhere is one of the Big 3, and probably the largest by sheer number of clients.

As a career choice there is huge demand for anyone with Automation Anywhere Certification.

For you, our promise is:
To make great Automation Anywhere training available to you online and onsite,
To give you hands-on access to the Automation Anywhere platform.
To give you case studies and tests that will let you practice
To give you support outside of classrooms to quickly help you with any issues
To make the training affordable,
To give you options to spread your course payments over multiple instalments,
To give you support in your career in any way that we can.
Our live, online Automation Anywhere training starts 13th March. And we’ll be offering courses for different timezones, to fit in around your other commitments.


Automation Anywhere (Formal Certification) On-Site Training – Singapore

We are running the first ever series of Automation Anywhere Training Courses in Singapore.

The RPA Academy is an Automation Anywhere Accredited Training Partner

This course is designed to take practitioners to the level of product knowledge and expertise required for formal Automation Anywhere Advanced certification. It follows on directly from the content on the Automation Anywhere University.

It is open to anyone who wants to learn this powerful RPA/Robotic Process Automation platform.

The course is five days of hands-on, instructor-led learning.

From this training you’ll be eligible to go for Automation Anywhere Advanced certification.

Automation Anywhere Developer Course Details

This 5 day course introduces participants to the Automation Anywhere platform.

It is instructor-led, giving participants detailed instructions on how and when to use the platform’s functionality, as well as hands-on practical exposure to the platform through a series of modules, exercises and tests.

Approach and Learning Infrastructure

This course is hands-on – you’ll be using your own instance of Automation Anywhere.

The instructor will follow the curriculum outlined below.

Note – the course timetable has flexibility to spend more time on specific areas where participants want a deeper understanding or are finding it more challenging.

Participants will all be given access to our Automation Anywhere Training Environment. This means that they will each be given unlimited access to practice on the most recentAutomation Anywhere platform release.

They will have this access for 30 days (longer is available upon request). This is tied in to our “Ongoing Learning” model outlined below.

Ongoing Learning

We create an ongoing learning experience, so the training does not end when the classroom work is completed.

Beyond the classroom – either between classes or after the formal course has completed – the students will have access to the instructor to address any further learning issues they have.

We also provide access to our learning community so participants can share questions, issues and learnings across a wider knowledge base of people who are moving through their career in RPA.

We also issue regular challenges that participants can address on their own or within a team. This is intended to make their formal training and hands-on experience even more relevant to the real-world issues they are going to face in their day-to-day careers

What You Will Learn:

  • Control room and Client Setup
  • Create first Taskbot
  • Variable Manager
  • Variable Operations
  • Delay Command
  • String Operation
  • Message Box
  • Loop Overview
  • IF/Else Overview
  • Smart Recorder
  • Screen Recorder
  • Web Recorder – Extract Table
  • Web Recorder – Regular Data Extract
  • Web Recorder – Pattern base Data Extract
  • Task Properties
  • Manage Windows Control(MWC)
  • Manage Web Control(MWC)
  • Keystrokes Command
  • Mouse clicks Command
  • Loops
  • Services Command
  • Files Folder Command
  • XML Command
  • OCR Command
  • Database Command
  • Image Recognition(IR) Command
  • PGP Command
  • Excel Command
  • Logging techniques
  • Email Automation
  • Error Handling
  • Object Cloning Command
  • PDF Integration Command
  • Web Services(REST & SOAP) Command
  • Task Coding and Best Practices
  • Task Design
  • Task Flow
  • Comments
  • Introduction to MetaBot
  • How to create MetaBot?
  • Benefits of MetaBot.
  • MetaBot Logic Recorder.


There are no specific prerequisites, but any of the following skills will make it easier to learn how to use the platform:

  • Programming skills such as C#, Java, .Net etc.
  • Business Process Management, Lean Six Sigma, Process Flow Tools e.g. Visio
  • And you should have completed the training on the

Lab Environment

As noted above, we provide the Automation Anywhere Training Environment.

The only requirement is a PC/Laptop with access to the internet.