Working in Tech, You Need This Important Vitamin

You’ve got to face the facts. Being in tech and working largely indoors, you just might be sustaining a Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency effects more than 91 percent of indoor workers, according to a study done by BMC Public Health, and more than three million cases each year. Why is vitamin D so important? Take a look at the reasons below:

  • Promotes bone growth. (No creaky joints over here!)
  • Mental clarity
  • Heart healthy
  • Reduces risk of cancer

With those great benefits, how could you not want some vitamin D all up in ya? You need to know the signs of what having a lack of vitamin D can do to your body. The truth is, a lot of people don’t even know they need more of the sweet, sweet vitamin.

  1. Your bones hurt! Okay, you’re an adult, so it’s extremely unlikely that you’re going through growth spurts, however, your bone tissue is constantly in regeneration. Without vitamin D, the regeneration takes a lot longer to complete, and this can lead to osteoporosis and rickets. Siting down at a desk for hours at a time will likely to increase this issue.
  2. Feelings of depression. Not to ruffle any feathers here, but people who work in tech have a reputation for being a bit… surly. Vitamin D, which we can receive naturally from sunlight, can give us happy feelings we need to thrive.
  3. Lingering infections. According to Healthy Way, vitamin D is responsible for having “an effect of 2,000 genes in the human body. When you are lacking the vitamin, it makes it that much harder to fight colds and other germs, leaving you wide open to not get over your illnesses.

Now that you know what the symptoms are, how can you bring more vitamin D into your life?

  1. We mentioned it briefly above, but, please, go get some sun! It’s the most natural form of vitamin D that you can get. Take a break, go for a walk, and let the sun of the light hit your skin.
  2. Eat some fish! According to Health, trout, tuna, salmon, and mackerel contain a whopping 450 international units (IUs) of vitamin D. (Adults under 50 are recommended at least 200 IUs of vitamin D per day; adults 50 and older are recommended at least 400 IUs.)
  3. Take supplements. It’s simple. Pop a pill every day to get your dose.
  4. Get into cod liver oil. Mom knew a thing or two when she tried to get you to take this oil growing up. Cod liver oil packs a powerful punch of 1,300 IUs of vitamin D, which is more than enough to get your daily dose it. And now it’s not gross! Cod liver oil comes in different flavors or you can just take it in capsule form.
  5. Get a SAD lamp. SAD, or seasonal affect disorder, is very common during the winter months because the daylight is shorter. So what do you do when you can’t get out in the sun? Buy a SAD lamp, which is a form of light therapy, that will get you similar power and benefits to sitting out in the sun.

Tech Your Break!

Working in tech, there’s so many directions you’re probably pulled in and issues that need resolution. When do you have time for you?

In an rapidly moving world, it has become harder and harder for employees to take breaks. According to NPR, only one in five employees eat lunch away from their desk. Emails, meetings, conference calls, and standing meetings rule your day, and I didn’t even mention actually being productive handling your tasks.

Does anyone find it ironic we spend so much time trying to streamline our work, but the average full-time employee has reported working 47 hours per week? We’re hustling backwards but think we’re going with the flow. How do you fit time in the time you need for yourself?

You just have to do it.

You’re entitled to breaks, so take them! There are so many reasons why taking breaks is beneficial for your workday. Make it a point to indulge in yourself. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important for those who work in tech to take breaks.

1. It keeps you focused.

Like drinking water, taking a break gives you a much-needed rest from the task you’re handling at the moment. You ever have these moments of inspiration and then go, go, go, only to find yourself lagging an hour later and ultimately hate the work you’ve put out? Your work performance has slowed down tremendously, leaving room for error, doubt, and anything else the ego puts in front of you. When you break, you’re actually turning off and switching your task back on, giving your brain time to recalibrate and take in other stimuli it needs to refuel your inspiration.

2. Helps you to retain information. 

According to Fast Company, our brains have two switches: “focused” and “diffused.” When we’re in focused, we’re learning and working on new things. When we’re in diffused mode, our mind is wandering. We’re probably daydreaming or doing anything else other than what we’re supposed to be doing. But here’s the a-ha: we actually need time to daydream, because that’s the time we tend to figure things out, when we aren’t so focused for hours at a time. How often have you come to an awesome conclusion when you’re in the shower or driving your regular route? Time to daydream is absolutely necessary.

3. It gives your eyes a rest.

Being in front of computer screens all day isn’t good for you, and you know it. Eye strain isn’t cool, and it will be detrimental to you in the long run. Breaks give your eyes time to adjust to other things.

And here are some helpful ways for you take a break:

Use the pomodoro technique.

Download a timer on your phone or computer which allows you to work for 25 minutes at a time. When the timer goes off, another timer will start with five minutes for break time. Get up from your desk, move around, and don’t look at your phone until your timer goes off again!

Go for a walk.

Getting up to move and and take in fresh air has proven to be beneficial for every employee. It allows our blood to flow properly (since you’ve probably been sitting down for hours at a time) and gets oxygen up to our brain.

Schedule your own breaks.

Let’s face it, no one is going to force you to take a break if they haven’t done so already. Fit in fifteen-minute breaks where you can, preferably one before you take lunch and one after.

Drink some tea!

There are loads of benefits to drinking tea, some we will get into at a later date, but making yourself tea gives you a chance to be mindful and in the moment of what you’re doing. Forget the k-cups! Get out a tea bag and engross yourself in the act.




Water is More Important Than You Think:
5 Reasons Why You Need to Drink Water Every Day


We all know that we need water to survive. Experts tell us that we need at least eight glasses of water per day, but when we reach for our third glass, we realize that sweet, sweet, sugary coffee is a whole lot more appealing.

Being in tech, it’s more than important to get water into our system on a regular basis so we don’t crash. At The RPA Academy, we want to share with you some practical tools that you will need to help your work in the RPA industry run a little smoother.

WebMD tells us that drinking water is good for us for a host of reasons, but here are the ones that we need to know when sitting in front of a computer all day:

1. Sitting down at a computer all day is no goodwater gets your muscles revved up!

When new water isn’t getting into your body, your cells  become thirsty and start to shrivel up. This will cause you to become tired and less productive. Have a drink of water with lemon first thing in the morning so our cells and the rest of your body get an extra boost throughout the day. Lemon will help to alkaline your body and restore pH levels necessary to function properly. It will help you feel a lot fresher and brighter as you start your day and keep your energy levels going throughout the day (provided you continue drinking water).

2. Screen time increases headaches, and water helps to minimize them.

Because water is giving you a boost, it can help knock out those headaches you get from staring at a screen all day long. Dehydration can make you feel tired and lethargic, which contributes to the headaches. Water frees your brain and allows everything to work in sync and flow smoothly, as it was meant to do.

3. Don’t be a tech troll – water will help to restore your mood.

No one wants to be a grump when they’re working all day, and water can help to allieviate your mood.

4. No more leaving work early when you’re sick…

Have you ever noticed that some people who work in tech get sick fairly frequently? Maybe it’s all of the energy drinks required to stay up and get the job done, but as we now know from #1, drinking water will help to get your energy levels up. Drinking water helps break up congestion, according to the Mayo Clinic. Add lemon and honey to help knock out your cold even faster.

5 . … and it can keep you from taking too many sick days.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Yeah, sure, but so does H20. Drinking water regularly can help to stop disease and other ailments before it starts. Keep your bottle filled, and drink, drink, drink!