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How Much Money Do RPA Developers Make?

As many of you know, we’ve been taking the last couple of weeks to survey the RPA jobs market in the US.

I wanted to understand your ROI from spending up $499 to $1499 on our RPA training.

The most tangible good news is that several of you have reached out to tell me that you have got jobs on the back of our training. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that.

Also, we have had a couple of people who have been through our training ask if we have students they can recruit.

In addition, about a dozen huge recruitment firms across the globe have reached out asking if we can create a candidate database for them to access.

But my market research has opened up some interesting details.

I’ve looked at the Developer/Architect market – mainly because I know that many of you are investing in your own training to become RPA developers.

But, is the money there for RPA Developers?

I posted my resume on Dice and here’s what I learned.

  • Generally, there seem to be way more jobs in the South than in North
  • Dallas, Richardson, Tampa, North Carolina are major hubs of activity
  • [And on a global level, from our web statistics, Toronto and Sydney are way busier by relative size than New York or London]
  • $55 per hour is the lowest I saw, in Tampa
  • Crossing the $100 per hour threshold is difficult
  • The most I saw was $120 per hour, and the recruiter was coming out in a rash at that level
  • Even in NYC rates can be as low as $70 per hour
  • Big NYC/Swiss investment bank was struggling to pay $106 per hour
  • One banking opportunity was $66 per hour but they’d not filled the roles in 3 months of trying
  • On an annual salary basis Verizon was sweating at $120k working from home (not bad, depending on where you live).
  • A major consulting firm was recruiting at the rate of $70.42. This was for an internal role – fixing internal operations. Bear in mind that their client-facing consultants are earning $180+k and being billed out for $3000 per day, this seems like a joke. If their clients get value at $3k per day – why pay $70.42 for internal RPA work?!?!
  • A few agencies have said that they have some supply but that clients are in Stop/Start mode – but that’s life

It just feels like the employer market needs to wake up.

I think that good recruiters recognise this – but the robo-recruiters who chase a lot of the market certainly don’t. They really don’t have a clue, let alone have the skills to educate employers. They just want to fill a post quickly.

Anyone looking for an RPA role has to realise that they are in the driving seat.
It is a seller’s market. Learn to say “no”.

  1. Every major, reputable recruiter I know has said the same thing – THERE IS NO SUPPLY!
  2. There is almost no one available with 2+ years experience – on any platform.
  3. The financial impact of a good RPA developer/architect is huge
  4. These are not commodity resources – these are gateways to an incredible journey
  5. For employer’s it is time to invest in your skillset.

But even at $70 per hour that’s a 3 day ROI on your $1499 investment.