Speed of change: Your career decision

The speed of change is accelerating in the field of robotic process automation training

What is the Speed of Change in Robotic Process Automation?

I guess if I was Blue Prism or Automation Anywhere I would think it has take a lifetime for the market to get where it is.

They – and others – were certainly years ahead of the market.

Like many success stories, having a vision and persevering with that vision are the essential ingredients.

Now that the market is bubbling, individuals have to decide how they want to respond.

Ignoring it or grasping the change are the two options.

I can’t think of a single job that will NOT be impacted by automation and AI to some degree.

If you are a nurse, owner of a small shop, or running a shared services operation – everyone is going to be impacted. Maybe not by RPA, but certainly by some element of automation and AI.

In the areas that RPA touches, the impact is dramatic on one big factor: The speed of change.

While it may have taken years to get the market going, any organisation that is implementing RPA now or in the future is going to be getting rid of jobs and/or changing jobs radically.

Old jobs at many levels won’t exist at all.

Others will change dramatically.

This is not Chicken Little time, but I’d advise anyone to take a cold hard look at which side of the fence you want to fall.

Option 1 – You skill up for the certainty of the future,

Option 2 – You sit back and wait for the change to hit you, as it certainly will at some point.

The primary driver behind creating The RPA Academy was to help people get easy access to the skills and knowledge that they will need for their future.

Until now it has been surprisingly hard to find and access this knowledge.

Short term this means training on the main RPA platforms. Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere and more.

But it also means teaching the business to adapt:

  • the HR policies it needs to recruit and train and reward when the workforce is increasingly digitally driven;
  • the BCP/DR required to keep this all going;
  • the Compliance impact and opportunities, etc. etc.

No one is teaching this at the universities. By the time that happens, the revolution will already have happened.

But at an individual level, we can all still make the choice of which side of the fence we want to be.

Currently this can make you a leader, with advanced skills that are in huge demand. Soon it will be a “me too” requirement.

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by Edward Brooks
RPA Consultant, Building and Implementing Strategy and RPA Platforms