Are We Being Unethical?

Gradually we are building a community around RPA.

Training, traditionally, has been “learn to earn”.

Buy a course and move on.

But at the heart of any community is survival and advancement.

Inevitably that boils down to money.

Now and for the future.

Pick up a new skill. Keep yourself relevant. Stay with or ahead of the market.

Which means that every day we have people who invest in their careers.

Maybe we are doing something unique; maybe we are just a few steps ahead of the crowd. Who knows.

But gradually we build the trust.

And here’s the good news

Students roll off our training and into jobs.

And we’ve had “alumni” – can I call them that – reach out and ask our students to apply for jobs with their company.

That makes us feel good.

But there is always the big unknown.

If I take this RPA training, how much money will I earn by the end?

Job data is hard to come by.

Especially in a new field.

And it is hard to understand exactly what job boards like Indeed really mean with their salaries.

So, here’s what I have been doing all week…

  1. I’ve turned my profile on the job boards to “Yes, I’m looking for a job”.
  2. I’ve had 20 enquiries already – mainly because my resume says “RPA” on it.
  3. With every enquiry I’ve asked what the rate/salary is.
  4. And I’ve been collating it all in one document
  5. From that I’ll publish what I’ve learned, probably some time early next week.

I hope this is ethical.

So far it shows that the $$$ is there.

And that some recruiters are missing the fact that the RPA jobs market is tight.

More soon…

Or reach out to me directly