TED Talks – What they mean for you and RPA

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Has anyone NOT seen a TED talk?

Or a TEDx talk?

Basically TEDx is the same as TED.

But TEDx allows anyone, anywhere in the world to take the TED model and use it locally.

The TED organisation gives the guidance about how to do it.

And the local organisers use their ideas and community to organise and deliver it.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, every week we get requests to deliver RPA training around the globe.

That’s all great, but I know that you know your city and country better than we ever will.

So, we are looking to open local chapters, run locally, by people who know their local market.

Toronto, Tokyo, Sao Paolo… wherever you are. Maybe even Scotland.

We’ve got the technology, the content and the infrastructure… you know your local market.

Seems like the ideal combination.

Remember, this is about RPA today.

But it is also about what comes next – Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, AI.

If you are interested email me directly here.


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What Is Your RPA Story?

We are expanding our RPA content.

In particular we are looking to add more industry or function or process education.

Interested in telling your story?

What worked (and what didn’t work) in Insurance, Banking, HR, F&A, IT Operations… or anything else?

The world needs to hear how to really use RPA.

Conferences are great, but real education is what the market is missing.

And you are in the best position to tell that story.

Just reach out to us here and we’ll help you make great content that the market really needs.