This is what everyone is afraid of ?

Their common fear is….

Automation Anywhere UniversityThe Automation Anywhere conference last week in London was really energizing.

Not only were there more product advancements, but there was a real buzz from the attendees about RPA and everything beyond.

There is no doubt that this is just the beginning.

Even amongst the keynote presenters, not one single one had automated more than 20% of what they could automate – and these are the poster children.

That’s certainly not a criticism of Automation Anywhere.

It is just the fact that any organization that started two years ago and ran fast can only achieve so much.

Every day I talk to people at the early stage of their personal or organizational RPA journey.

Their common fear is that they are the last, everyone else has done it, and they need to catch up.

Seriously, fear not. 

I’d reckon that more than 70% of the attendees last week had done nothing.

This is why every single RPA technology provider has spent the last 12 months growing fast AND gearing up for extreme growth going forward.

However, 100% of those 70% will be doing something very soon.

Now is the time to get started on your personal or organizational journey.

Just don’t over analyse things before you get started. That will bog you down forever. You’re going to learn way more by doing than you are by researching.


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