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Here’s what we’ve learned since 2017....

  1. RPA is super-powerful. And it offers huge value.

  2. But you have to be pragmatic

  3. It’s not as easy, cheap and fast as the marketing messages will tell you.

  4. You may bring in consultancies or technology partners in the early days to get you started.

  5. However, if you really want to embed RPA in your organization, your teams need to be able to implement and run RPA themselves.

  6. They need to be able to do this at the “easy stage” for the first few processes.

  7. Then they need to be able to scale up to maximize your ROI.

  8. They also need to evolve as the platforms and their ecosystems evolve.

  9. Our approach is designed to help you get this right.

  10. With this, you’ll have an incredible engine to power you through RPA and into the opportunities beyond.

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“I had the chance to work with The RPA Academy. They have great software simulators and videos that make very easy to understand the concepts. I earned my first RPA certification on Blue Prism thanks to them.”
— Sergio Mastrogiovanni, Pfizer
“The RPA Academy provides an immersive learning environment with instructor-lead classes teaching concepts and skills as well as providing thorough exercises through which to hone those skills through hands-on experience. Overall, a comprehensive approach to learning RPA skills.”
— Simon Pfister, Accenture
“I am sure I will use The RPA Academy again as I continue my RPA training, and I would highly recommend The RPA Academy to anyone interested in learning about RPA.”
— Gurdav Singh, London

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