Three Ways To Learn UiPath.

1. You can come to our training hubs in New York in London.

Every month in New York and London we run onsite, instructor-led classes. These are for organisations and individuals. As soon as you sign up we will open up our live online learning, to get you started immediately.

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2. We can come to your location/s, anywhere in the world.

We train organisations on RPA around the world. Just look at our testimonials from some of the world’s largest brands.  These are tailored workshops that help organisations run their RPA platform independently of consultants.

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3. Or you can learn online

Our online training is totally unique, and expert-led. You can have hands-on access to UiPath. Then you can get started with the self-paced training. And you can join more than 40 hours of live training each month. All for $349 a month (cancel any time). See the details here.

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