Blue Prism World 2018 NYC

Unexpected… from Blue Prism World

I always feel painfully awkward at conferences.

You arrive, on your own, with a sea of faces.

And somehow you are meant to just “network”.

But everyone is in the same situation.

At least you have something in common, so it ends up being a lot easier than my worst fears.

And you end up meeting many great people from all possible areas of this business.

That gives you new energy, new market information, and reminds you why you turned up in the first place.

From the last two days at Blue Prism World in NY, there were two big surprises.

One surprise explained why I took this journey into RPA education.

And one surprise that explains/confirms/validates why RPA makes sense for your career.

First, the speakers kept talking about the Blue Prism event in New York about 2 years ago.

I’d forgotten all about the impact that event had on me.

I assumed that the event I’d been invited to was the side-show.

There were only 60 people there, so I thought the main event – the real conference – was happening elsewhere.

Only yesterday did I realize I had been at the main event!

Regardless, I walked away from that small event 2 years ago absolutely certain.

  • This was the way forward
  • Demand would grow significantly.
  • And the issue would turn to the skills required to deliver it.

Second, the surprise for you.

Fast forward two years and 1200 people attended this week’s event. I am sure London will be the same or more next month.

I knew much of the content would be about case studies, product announcements and excitement about the way forward.

What was shocking to me what every large organization raised with me…. PEOPLE

They have huge and fast-growing pipelines.

So their question is about delivery.

And that means people.

You can’t conjure up experience – everyone knows that.

But the employers (and these are all global brand names) are struggling.

They need you.

People with the right background and the right training.

With those two things you demonstrate your motivation.

Ideally – but not essential- you have certification.

I’ll be letting you know a lot more about job opportunities in the coming few weeks

For now, here is the link to today’s Live Jobs Webcast – with four recruiters who are out in the market every day. They will talk about the 254% growth they see in the RPA jobs market in the last 12 months. Sign Up Here

And – note – access closes in 2 days, to the next batch of the 28 Day Blue Prism/Automation Anywhere Certification Course. Details and Sign Up Here