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Why “254” is this week’s magic number.

Why “254” is this week’s magic number.
And what has it got to do with New York?

This week and next, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere are in New York, running their major annual conferences.

2000+ people will attend.

But you don’t have to be in NY to realize that you are in the right place… career-wise.

As with any career move or new business venture, you worry.

Are you too late, too early or just right for the market?

What I saw at the Automation Anywhere conference in London will be repeated in NY i.e.:

  1. These are still relatively early days for RPA.
  2. 80+% of the attendees have NOT bought the software yet.
  3. Those that have bought are just getting started (even the speakers on stage)
  4. People are absolutely in “buy-mode” – there are no doubts
  5. This applies to organizations of all sizes.
  6. There is still a lot of curiosity and a bit of intrigue.
  7. People are dying for real case studies.
  8. Organizations are going to need way more people who understand the technologies.

And that’s where “254” comes in.

Attend Wednesday’s Webinar to hear more.

But RPA job vacancies have grown 254% in 12 months.

And this is still the beginning.


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