Where are you in your RPA journey?

Your First Steps?

You are just starting your RPA journey.

You need to know more about what RPA is, and how you’d use it.

You are looking for advice on how to get moving.

You need to plan your next 3-9 months.

You want to select an RPA platform.

Here are some suggestions to help you at this stage

Building Your First Bots?

You’ve selected your RPA platform.

You’re about to implement your first few bots.

You are looking to upskill your team to run RPA.

You may, or may not, have partners/consultants in.

You want to build out your COE.

You’d love to being able to “phone a friend” when you hit issues.

Have a look at these ideas to help you.

Level 3 Growing (1).png

Widening Your Use of RPA?

You’ve got a few bots running. Now you want to scale.

You’ve got a growing pipeline of processes to automate.

You also know your RPA platform has so much to offer.

Your leadership is now focussing on ROI.

You no longer have onsite consulting/technical support.

You know that growing faster will drive huge value - and open up new frontiers.

Tap into these knowledge sources to grow faster

Going Higher?

You’ve been using RPA for a while now.

You are excited about the ecosystem around RPA.

You want to get to AI.

You need to know what else can be done with your RPA platform

You also need to learn how to do it.

You still need to broaden the core RPA skills in your organisation.

Here’s some suggestions on how you keep expanding